Lane DNA R1a(10) Group

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Lanes With Closely Matching Y-DNA Results
Belonging to a Special Subclade of Haplogroup R1a

The Lane DNA R1a(10) Group consists of Lane DNA testees whose closely matching test results indicate that they descend from a common Lane ancestor within a genealogical time frame—a time frame within the last 500 up to 1000 years since the adoption of surnames and written family records [ISOGG Glossary].  The Lane families in this group all seem to have arrived in colonial America in the 17th or 18th century and all seem to be of English origin.  The haplotypes for this group of Lanes—a haplotype is simply the entire set of DNA test results for a particular person—indicate that they belong to Y-DNA haplogroup R1a which is rather uncommon in the English population.  A Y-DNA haplogroup is a population group that originated thousands of years ago and is identified by certain differences (polymorphisms) on the Y-chromosome (see Understanding Haplogroups for a more detailed explanation of Y-DNA haplogroups).  Besides belonging to the Y-DNA haplogroup R1a, they belong to a specific subgroup (or subclade) of R1a that is characterized by an allele value of 10 at Y-DNA marker DYS388.  For a discussion of this particular subclade of R1a, see the "R1a in England" thread from the Genealogy-DNA email list.  There seems to be some association of this subclade with southwest England.  One of the members of this Lane group indicates a Lane ancestry going back to Dorset in southwest England.

All of the Lanes in this group have tested through the Lane Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project at Family Tree DNA.  One testee (L001) descends from the Lanes of Craven County, North Carolina.  These Lanes appear in Craven County in the early-to-mid 18th century and their origin is uncertain.  The other three testees descend from Lanes who immigrated to New England, apparently at different times in the 17th and 18th centuries.  The only thing that connects these four Lane families at this time is the closely matching DNA results.  We need more Lanes from these and other Lane families to do the testing so we can better understand their connections.  So, I would urge anyone who is interested in this group of Lanes and is either a Lane direct male line descendant (i.e., a male with the last name Lane) or knows of one in their family to see the join section below for more information on joining the Lane project and getting tested.

DNA Test Results

Below is a table showing the Y-DNA test results for members of the Lane DNA R1a(10) Group.  The Lane DNA R1a(10) Group Modal in the first row (yellow) is the modal haplotype for this group of Lanes.  This modal haplotype is the likely haplotype of the common ancestor of these Lanes.  The last row contains the modal haplotype for all people of all surnames that have been tested that belong to haplogroup R1a and have the special marker result of DYS388=10.

In the results table below, each group member's assigned ID is in the first column.  In the Earliest Known Lane Ancestor and Descendancy column is the name of each linegage's earliest known Lane ancestor (if known) and descendancy info for each member from that ancestor.  The estimated (or Y-SNP determined) haplogroup of the member is in the next column followed by all of the member's marker results (see below for marker color codings).  If a marker field contains a p, it means that testing has been ordered for that marker and results are pending.  After all the marker results, the Member ID and Earliest Known Lane Ancestor and Descendancy columns are repeated followed by the general migration pattern for the member's line.  Next, the Haplogroup column is repeated and then there is a column showing any Y-SNP results for the member that verify the haplogroup assignment.  This is followed by the company that performed the testing and the kit number or other identifier for the test.  Next are the IDs and links to any online databases where the member's results are also posted.  Finally, the contact information, if available, for the member is listed.

Marker Column Heading Text Color Coding by Mutation Rate

Rate TypeHeader Text ColorApproximate Mutation Rate
FastRedgreater than 0.5%  (or classified as fast by FTDNA)
MediumGreenbetween 0.2% and 0.5%
SlowBlackbetween 0.05% and 0.2%
Very SlowGrayless than 0.05%

Marker Value Text Color Coding by Allele Frequency within Haplogroup R1a

Frequency TypeValue Text ColorApproximate Frequency
RareRedfrom 0% to 2%
InfrequentDark Redfrom 3% to 8%
UncommonPurplefrom 9% to 14%
Under 20%Bluefrom 15% to 20%
Over 20%Black20+%

Marker Cell Shade Color Coding by Mutation Steps from Lineage Modal (in Yellow rows)

Lane DNA R1a(10) Group Test Results
(All Marker Allele Values Are Normalized To FTDNA/Ysearch Standards)
 Y-DNA Marker DYS# or Other Marker ID →393390394
- I
- II
or CDY
511425413557594436490534450481520617568487572640492565← Y-DNA Marker DYS# or Other Marker IDHaplogroup AssignmentTesting InfoDatabase IDsContact Info
Memb IDEarliest Known Lane Ancestor / Descendancy InfoHaplogroupabababcdababababMemb IDEarliest Known Lane Ancestor / Descendancy InfoMigrationHaplogroupY-SNP ResultsCompanyTest IDYsearchYbaseNameEmail Address
Lane DNA R1a Group ModalR1a1a13251510111412101014113115910111124141931121515171111192315151820333913111111152391214121231241181717812108111012222215101212148242213111311111213Lane DNA R1a Group Modal R1a1a
John Lane (c1673 IRE 1718 ME)John Lane (c1673 IRE 1718 ME)IRE > ME 
L003└─>John(1701)>Jabez(1743)>Saml(1773)>Nathnl(1799)>Saml(1827)R1a1a132515101114121010141131159101111241419311212151511111923151519203339131114121191717812108111012222215101212148242213111311111213L003└─>John(1701)>Jabez(1743)>Saml(1773)>Nathnl(1799)>Saml(1827)IRE > ME R1a1aFTDNA21478MDQ3V
L005└─>John(1701)>Jabez(1743)>Silas(1794)>Silas(1825)>Chas(1873)R1a1a132515101114121010141131151111241931121515171111192311111224L005└─>John(1701)>Jabez(1743)>Silas(1794)>Silas(1825)>Chas(1873)IRE > MA R1a1aANC4ZCPFTom
John Lane (c1770 ENG? ?)John Lane (c1770 ENG? ?)ENG > VT 
L002└─>Cyrus(1793)>Oliver(1834)>John(1865)>Wilbur(1898)R1a1a132515101114121010141131159101111241419311215151711111923151519193339131114121191717812108111012222215101212148242213111311111213L002└─>Cyrus(1793)>Oliver(1834)>John(1865)>Wilbur(1898)ENG > VT > MI R1a1aFTDNA1056779R695
William Lane (? 1686 MA)William Lane (? 1686 MA)ENG > MA 
L008└─>John(1654)>Ephrm(1694)>Elknh(1719)>Elknh(1746)>Elknh(1783)R1a1a1325151011141210101411311591011112414193112151517111119231515191933381311L008└─>John(1654)>Ephrm(1694)>Elknh(1719)>Elknh(1746)>Elknh(1783)MA > NH > ME > IL > IA R1a1aL664+HMZRYGary
L010└─>John(1654)>Ephrm(1694)>Elknh(1719)>Elknh(1746)>Elknh(1783)R1a1a132515101114121010141131159101111241419311215151711111923151311111115239121412123124L010└─>John(1654)>Ephrm(1694)>Elknh(1719)>Elknh(1746)>Elknh(1783)MA > NH > ME > IL > IA R1a1aUXE8MGary
William Lane (c1580 ENG 1654 MA)William Lane (c1580 ENG 1654 MA)ENG > MA 
L004└─>?R1a1a1325151011141210101411311591011112414193112151517L004└─>?ENG > MA R1a1aFTDNA117472Q52RM
Michael Lane (1788 IRE 1872 IRE)Michael Lane (1788 IRE 1872 IRE)ENG > AU 
L011└─>Thomas(c1818)>Michael(c1838)>Michael(1873)R1a1a132515101114121010141131159101111241419311215151711111923151518203337131114121191717812108111012222215101212148242213111311111213L011└─>Thomas(c1818)>Michael(c1838)>Michael(1873) R1a1aFTDNA256562Ray
James Lane (1769 NC 1846 IL)James Lane (1769 NC 1846 IL)NC > TN > IL 
L001└─>Lewis(1794)>Joel(1816)>Johnson(1837)>Frederick(1859)R1a1a13251610111412101014113115991111241419301215151711111923151518203339131114121181717812108111012222215101212148242213111311111213L001└─>Lewis(1794)>Joel(1816)>Johnson(1837)>Frederick(1859)NC > TN > IL R1a1aFTDNA116251QRP7BMichael L. Hé
L007└─>Thos(1807)>Geo(1833)>Thos(1860)>Shelvy(1892)R1a1a132516101114121010141131159911112414193012151517111119231515172033401311L007└─>Thos(1807)>Geo(1833)>Thos(1860)>Shelvy(1892)NC > TN > IL > KS R1a1aFTDNA135049J4Y8MLinda
Other Lane MatchesOther Lane Matches 
L009Robert L. Wendell (c1909 TX ?)R1a1a1325151011141210101411311591011112414203112151517111119231515191933371311L009Robert L. Wendell (c1909 TX ?)TX R1a1aFTDNA42969CN7Y5Tom
ClusterR1a1 DYS388=10 ModalR1a1a132515101114121010131130159101111251419321214141711111923151618203339131114121181717812108111012222215101212148232212111311111413ClusterR1a1 DYS388=10 Modal R1a1aH83EV
Member Lineages
John Lane (c1673 IRE 1718 ME)    [ Members L003, L005 ]
1. Thomas LANE, b. ?, d. ?  (unproven father of Capt. John LANE)
1.  m. ?
2. Capt. John LANE, b. 1673 Co. Limerick, IRE, d. bef Nov 1718 ME  (See WorldConnect entries)
2.  m. Joanna DAVISON ca Nov 1692 MA
—— 3. Capt. John LANE, b. 1701/2 Rockingham Co, NH, d. ca Jul 1756 NY
—— 3.  m. Mary NOWELL in 1724 NH
——— 4. Capt. Jabez LANE, b. 1743 Lincoln Co, ME, d. 1830 York Co, ME
——— 4.  m. Sarah WOODMAN in 1772 York Co, ME
———— 5. Samuel LANE, b. 1773 York Co, ME, d. 1828 York Co, ME
———— 5.  m. Priscilla HILL in 1796 York Co, ME
————— 6. Capt. Nathaniel Hill LANE, b. 1799 York Co, ME, d. 1873 ME
————— 6.  m. Martha D. HASKELL in 1826 ME
—————— 7. Samuel Woodman LANE, b. 1827 ME, d. 1908 ME
—————— 7.  m. Caroline M. GERRY in 1861 York Co, ME
——————— 8. Perce Elmer LANE, b. 1876 ME, d. 1939 York Co, ME
——————— 8.  m. Grace Eva HALEY in 1905 Cumberland Co, ME
———————— 9. Maurice Elton LANE, b. 1908 Cumberland Co, ME, d. 2003 Cumberland Co, ME
———————— 9.  m. Karen Kirsten LITTLEFIELD in 1933 Cumberland Co, ME
————————— 10. Member L003
—————————       See WorldConnect (haruspex) for more info on this member's lineage.
———— 5. Silas Nowell LANE, b. 1794 York Co, ME, d. 1867 Hennepin Co, MN  (See WorldConnect entries)
———— 5.  m. Velona KING in 1822 in Washington Co, ME
————— 6. Silas King LANE, b. 1825 New Brunswick, CAN, d. aft 1892
————— 6.  m. Alice HUNT
—————— 7. Charles A. LANE, b. 1873 Johnson Co, MO, d. 1950 Detroit, MI
—————— 7.  m. ?
——————— 8. Charles L. LANE, b. 1896 in Cloud Co, KS, d. 1988 Maricopa Co, AZ
——————— 8.  m. ?
———————— 9. Member L005
John Lane (c1770 ENG? ?)    [ Member L002 ]
1. John LANE, b. c1770 ENG?, d. ?
1.  m. ?
2. Cyrus LANE, b. 1793 VT, d. ?
2.  m. ?
—— 3. Oliver LANE, b. 1834 York Co, Ontario, CAN, d. 1909 Sanilac Co, MI
—— 3.  m. Amanda BROOKS in 1860
——— 4. John Wesley LANE, b. 1865 Oxford Co, Ontario, CAN, d. 1950 Lapeer Co, MI
——— 4.  m. Anna CONVERSE
———— 5. Wilbur C. LANE, b. 1898 Sanilac Co, MI, d. 1988 Washtenaw Co, MI
———— 5.  m. Mabel FARRELL in 1917
————— 6. Charles Wesley LANE, b. 1919 Alcona Co, MI, d. 2002 Washtenaw Co, MI
————— 6.  m. Mary Jean
—————— 7. Member L002
William Lane (? 1686 MA)    [ Members L008, L010 ]
1. William LANE, b. ?, d. 1686 MA
1.  m. Mary KELWAY
2. John LANE, b. 1654 Plymouth Co, MA, d. 1712 Bristol Co, MA
2.  m. Sarah BRIGGS in 1690 Plymouth Co, MA
—— 3. Ephraim LANE, b. 1694 Bristol Co, MA, d. 1776 Bristol Co, MA
—— 3.  m. Ruth SHEPARDSON in 1717 Bristol Co, MA
——— 4. Elkanah LANE, b. 1719 Bristol Co, MA, d. 1811 Cheshire Co, NH
——— 4.  m. Hannah TINGLEY in 1742 Bristol Co, MA
———— 5. Elkanah LANE, b. 1746 Bristol Co, MA, d. 1811 Cheshire Co, NH
———— 5.  m. Esther DINSMORE in 1768 Bristol Co, MA
————— 6. Elkanah LANE, b. 1783 Cheshire Co, NH, d. 1864 Boone Co, IL
————— 6.  m. Sarah FOSTER in 1804 Cheshire Co, NH
—————— 7. Edward Foster LANE, b. 1826 Somerset Co, ME, d. 1900 Delaware Co, IA
—————— 7.  m. Sarah Ann GROVER in 1850 Boone Co, IL
——————— 8. Albert Melville LANE, b. 1851 Winnebago Co, IL, d. 1949 Delaware Co, IA
——————— 8.  m. Anna Belle SHARP in 1876
———————— ... Member L008
——————— 8. George Barrows LANE, b. 1855 Winnebago Co, IL, d. 1941 Delaware Co, IA
——————— 8.  m. Susan Florence DECKER in 1883 Fayette Co, IA
———————— ... Member L010
William Lane (c1580 ENG 1654 MA)    [ Member L004 ]
1. William LANE, b. c1580 Beaminster, Dorset Co, ENG, d. 1654 Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA
1.  m. ?
See WorldConnect for more info on William Lane.
Michael Lane (1788 IRE 1872 IRE)    [ Member L011 ]
1. Michael LANE, b. 1788 Shravokee, Co. Clare, IRE, d. 1872 IRE
1.  m. Catherine MALONEY
2. Thomas LANE, b. c1818 Shravokee, Co. Clare, IRE, d. 1891 IRE
2.  m. Elizabeth GLEESON
—— 3. Michael LANE, b. c1838 Shravokee, Co. Clare, IRE, d. 1912 Koroit, VIC, AU
—— 3.  m. Ellen MALONEY
——— 4. Michael LANE, b. 1873 Warrnambool, VIC, AU, d. 1947 Warrnambool, VIC, AU
——— 4.  m. Margaret STAUNTON in 1902 Koroit, VIC, AU
———— ... Member L011
————     See Ray Lane's Genealogy website for more info.
James Lane (1769 NC 1846 IL)    [ Members L001, L007 ]
1. James LANE, b. 1769 Craven Co, NC, d. 1846 Peoria Co, IL
1.  m. Mary PHIPPS in 1793 Craven Co, NC  (dau. of William PHIPPS)
2. Lewis LANE, b. 1794 Craven Co, NC, d. 1876 Hamilton Co, IL
2.  m. Mary PRINCE in 1818 Sumner Co, TN  (dau. of Joel PRINCE)
—— 3. Joel Prince LANE, b. 1816 Sumner Co, TN, d. 1874 Peoria Co, IL
—— 3.  m. Kiziah PROCTOR in 1836 Peoria Co, IL
——— 4. Johnson H. LANE, b. 1837 Peoria Co, IL, d. 1911 Peoria Co, IL
——— 4.  m. Rachel E. WILSON in 1858 Peoria Co, IL
———— 5. Frederick L. LANE, b. 1859 Peoria Co, IL, d. 1936 Fulton Co, IL
———— 5.  m. Ruhmmah McKEE in 1881 Fulton Co, IL
————— 6. Roy Jasper LANE, b. 1891 Peoria Co, IL, d. 1953 Bureau Co, IL
————— 6.  m. Doris Maurine SMITH in 1934 Bureau Co, IL
—————— 7. Member L001
——————     See WorldConnect (memorylane) for more info on this member's lineage.
2. Thomas LANE, b. 1807 Sumner Co, TN, d. 1879 Peoria Co, IL
2.  m. Mary Belle MATHIS in 1828 Hamilton Co, IL
—— 3. George Johnson LANE, b. 1833 Hamilton Co, IL, d. 1907 Peoria Co, IL
—— 3.  m. Mary Elizabeth McGRAW in 1858 Peoria Co, IL
——— 4. Thomas Shelvy LANE, b. 1860 Peoria Co, IL, d. 1914 Kansas City, MO
——— 4.  m. Lizzy Darcus TRENARY in 1887 Menard Co, IL
———— 5. Shelvy Harrison LANE, b. 1890 Ford Co, KS, d. 1965 Ford Co, KS
———— 5.  m. Frances Ella MORGAN in 1914 Pratt Co, KS
————— 6. Thomas Morgan LANE, b. 1916 Ford Co, KS, d. 1999 Ford Co, KS
————— 6.  m. COPELAND
—————— 7. Member L007
Analysis of Test Results
Lane DNA R1a(10) Group

The results for this group of Lanes indicate that L002, L003, and L004 are more closely related to each other than to L001.  This means that they probably have a common Lane ancestor who lived not as far back in time as the common Lane ancestor they share with L001.  As more Lanes from related Lane families are tested, we will be better able to gauge how far back the common ancestor may have lived.

Join the Lane Y-Chromosome DNA Project

If you are a Lane male, or have any Lane males in your extended family, and are connected, or think that you may be connected, to any of these Lane families listed above, I want to encourage you to join the LANE Y-Chromosome DNA Surname Project and do the testing and verify your connection to this unique group of Lanes.  Our goal is to uncover the details on the connections among these various Lane lines and to possibly discover the identity of the common Lane ancestor.  We may even uncover clues to the deeper origins of these Lanes in England.  To get Family Tree DNA's special surname project pricing, use the Lane project's order page to order your test kit.  I recommend getting at minimum the 25-marker test, and preferably the 37-marker or 67-marker test.  The more markers you get, the better the quality of the matching and analysis.  If you happen to be a descendant of the Lanes of Craven County, North Carolina, contact me for possible help with testing costs.  Testing is done via a cheek swab kit that is mailed to you which you complete and mail back.  The testing is done in the "junk" DNA portion of the male Y-chromosome and therefore does not reveal anything regarding possible medical conditions or phyisical traits.  For more information about genetic genealogy and DNA testing visit the Family Tree DNA Tutorials page.  I also have a Basics of DNA page at the Woodruff DNA Project web site.

Michael L. Hébert
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